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In Situ and Ex Situ Soil Remediation Available. Services include: diagnosis on contamination through external Quality Accredited lab, advice on most suitable method for treatment, conversion or containment.

Soil can either be remediated, converted for beneficial re-use – i.e. building materials, or buried and encapsulated in accordance with relevant guidelines.


Mud Treatment

Drilling Mud types can vary according to location and the products used within the drilling process.

Each project is approached on an individual basis, to create a bespoke treatment according to the drilling mud type and profile, and required client outcome.



Evaporation ponds can form a key part of water management projects.

Services include initial pond design and water modelling, pond construction and preparation for liner, liner installation.



A tailored approach is offered to suit the client’s needs.

Services include: assessment of waste types, advice on most appropriate landfill solution, full project management of landfill design, construction and management.


Produced Waste
Water Management

Services include: Reed Beds, catchment management, water modelling and predictions, beneficial reuse of produced water, forestry design and project management, bespoke advice and guidance.

About Us

Natural Engineering is a specialist Engineering and Environmental Consultancy, based in the United Kingdom. Our customers value the attention we pay to answering their particular questions and solving their individual problems. We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to the issues that need addressing, with the long term view always in mind. Our services are client focussed and green technology is our specialism, whilst always ensuring that any solutions offered are environmentally friendly.



Lucian Gill

Technical Consultant

HND Chem/Chemical Engineering Grad. Royal Institute of Chemistry.

PhD “The Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Change and Degradation of Organic Compounds”

Lucian is a highly experienced Environmental Consultant, specialising in Contaminated Land and Waste Water Remediation. He has worked internationally on projects specialising in complex pollutants and finding the best solution for remediation.

Christopher Cooke

Holistic Integration Consultant

Recognised for his change management and trouble- shooting capabilities, quality assurance, training, coaching, facilitation, mentoring, strategic, general and project management abilities, Christopher maintains a dynamic, pioneering, practical and theoretical focus across all aspects of his professional activities.

Multi sector change management experience includes: Water, Oil and Gas, Agriculture (including industrial, permaculture, biodynamics and biological), Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Local Authorities and Regional Development, Investment Management, Education, Politics, Law Enforcement.


Engineering Consultancy

Providing assistance to special projects related to the oil fields: Infrastructure, Engineering Calculations, Site Management, Project Management and relations with the Oil Companies in South Sudan.


Producing documents of the environmental impact for the projects to be presented in the Ministry of Petroleum and Environment.

Construction Designs

Producing detailed drawings and engineering calculations of concrete and steel structure for civil engineering, drainage calculations, hydraulic modelling, road design and traffic plans.

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